How can personal learning devices facilitate meaningful learning in the K-12 classroom?

My family’s first computer was the size of a microwave and connecting to the internet was like watching paint dry – literally. (I encourage you to relive the thrill of the dial-up internet era of the nineties here.) Fast forward 20 years and my personal computer is the size of a spiral bound notebook and internet connections are instantaneous.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, as of 2009 97% of U.S. public school classrooms had at least one computer. Because of the increasing presence and accessibility of technological devices – from sleek cell phones and tablets to portable computers, it is important to assess how personal learning devices can best be used in the K-12 classroom to facilitate meaningful learning.

The successful integration of technology into the K-12 classroom (students should learn with technology rather than from technology) can enrich students’ educational experience. This blog will detail essential and relevant tools, techniques, and strategies educators (regardless of grade level or years of experience) can use to ensure personal learning devices positively supplement student performance.

Furthermore, the world of technology is ever-evolving as is the classroom. As a student of the technology age, I am interested in assessing the best methods for technology integration in the K-12 classroom by teachers (like my dad, aunt, and friends) and for students (like my younger sister, cousins, and my own children – one day far in the future).

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.”Whitney Houston

Twitter savvy? Be sure to check out these technology in education enthusiasts! Nancy Caramanico @ncara, Andrew Miller @betamiller, Molly Schroeder @followmolly, Will Richardson @willrich45, Alec Couros @courosa, eSchool News @eschoolnews, & David Warlick @dwarlick. Feel free to follow me as well @sarcar317.

Thanks to #hashtags, it’s easier now than ever before to access an aggregated list of relevant topics, such as technology in education and personal learning devices. Relevant hashtags include: #edtech, #elearning, #mlearning, #edapp, #gbl, #slide2learn, #vitalcpd, #1to1echat, & #BYOD4L.


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